When you’re in need of Custom Prescription Solutions, call on LowCountry Compounding Solutions. LowCountry Compounding Solutions is a local community retail pharmacy located in beautiful Okatie, SC. We offer a full array of services including full service compounding of sterile and non-sterile prescriptions for our patients. While pills and liquid suspensions are the most commonly used forms of pharmaceuticals, they are not the only options thanks to the advancements of compounding. Now patients can choose from oral, injection, suppository or transdermal (skin/topical) methods in order to receive the prescription medications they need. Whether appealing to the taste buds of finicky children using various flavors or in need of a dissolvable lozenge as opposed to a hard-to-swallow pill, LowCountry Compounding Solutions specializes in providing patients the exact medications they need using a range of easy-to-administer methods. We thank you for visiting our site today and invite you to check back often for company updates and industry news.


Why Choose Compounding?

Below we have provided the top reasons why Compounding is often the solution of choice for effective prescription medication dispensing.


  • Strengths not commercially available. Compounding assures all patients that they can have the precise dose they need.
  • Form not commercially available. Compounding allows the best drug delivery system options for patient and physician.  Oral, injection, suppository, or transdermal routes are all possible.  Also, compounding provides drugs not currently manufactured or in dosage forms not currently available.
  • Improve or eliminate undesirable flavors. Increase patient compliance – especially finicky children – by substituting custom-made flavors the kids (and adults) really love!
  • Change the usual route of administration. Our compounding pharmacists can alter traditional routes of delivery. For instance, a flavored sublingual lozenge for a hard-to-swallow pill.  Or a transdermal cream in place of injections.  The possibilities are almost endless!
  • Eliminate preservatives, dyes, and potential allergens. Folks with asthma or hyper allergenic patients will benefit from prescriptions that are compounded preservative-free or dye-free or use alternative “fillers.”
  • Sugar intolerance. Compounded syrups with non-caloric sweeteners help diabetics control blood glucose.
  • Discontinued drugs. Occasionally, drug companies discontinue production of effective drugs, which are no longer profitable to them.  If this happens, our compounding pharmacists can many times duplicate that formula.

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