Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Solutions & Information

Involvement in sports certainly carries with it a level of risk and subsequent injury. The following are just a few of the needs met by LowCountry Compounding Solutions specifically for Sports Medicine:


  • Blisters: Flexible collodion preparation
  • Fever Blisters: lip balms with or without sun block
  • Rehydration: sports drink formulas
  • Athlete‚Äôs Foot: topical antifungals
  • Muscle Aches: topical gels
  • Muscle cramps: speed gels, topicals
  • Wounds: Polyox bandages, tissue regenerating gels, protective ointments
  • Calluses: creams
  • Carpal Tunnel: transdermal gels
  • Dry Skin: moisturizing creams, lotions
  • Nail fungus: antifungal solutions
  • Hemorrhoids: rectal rocket suppositories, ointments
  • Sprains: transdermal gels
  • Trigger Point: transdermal gels

We invite you to contact our pharmacists at to inquire about the most commonly requested Sports Medicine Compounding solutions.





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